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Transforming Education: A Journey of Innovation and Dedication

Transforming Education: A Journey of Innovation and Dedication

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Imtiaz Hussain, I, a man with a strong vision, was trying my best to reach the position. I have a passion for something—to do something to transform. I was dedicated to motivational skills. I thought I would be a teacher with a background in a Masters in Sociology with a Masters in Education. I embarked on my teaching journey at ARMY MODEL SCHOOL AND COLLEGE DADU in 2015. Despite initial challenges due to a lack of teaching experience, I was committed. My determination led me to overcome obstacles and grow as a professional.

Professional Growth and Recognition:

The time started passing without any break, through years passed with hard work, attended numerous training sessions to grow my professional skills, participated in workshops and seminars no matter within or outside the APSACS System, and earned various accolades, including Discipline Incharge, Controller of Examination, Extra Curricular and Co-curricular Activities (ECA) Coordinator, Function Organiser, Most Helpful Member of Teaching Faculty, Motivational and Effective Trainer. The journey never stops. Time waits for none but gives opportunities to many.

One chapter closes, but another chapter starts.

My journey took a new turn when I was appointed as PST at GBPS SHAHBAZ COLONY K. N. SHAH, a school located 44 kilometres away from my abode. I arrived at my new workstation with a stronger vision to modernise the traditional teaching methods employed at the government institution, drawing on my extensive experience, and attended a 24-day training session conducted by STEDA at GBHS K. N. Shah.

Embracing Change and Fostering Collaboration:

In order to bring about meaningful change, I sought the support of my colleagues and seniors. Fortunately, I found a team of cooperative and kind-hearted staff members who rallied behind my vision. Together, we embarked on a journey of transformation.

Innovative Programmes and Celebrations:

Under the leadership of my Head Master, Sir Haji Khan Chandio, and with the support and consultations of my colleagues and my vision, GBPS Shahbaz Colony School K. N. Shah introduced a series of groundbreaking events that had never been seen in its history.

These included:

1. Pakistan Day Celebration on March 23

2. Independence Day Celebration on August 14

3. Defence Day Celebration on September 6

4. International Literacy Day Celebration on September 8

5. Teachers' Day Commemoration on October 5

6. Jashan e Milad Un Nabi Saww on October 12

7. Black Day of Kashmir on October 27

Beyond these milestone celebrations, our school incorporated activity-based learning and engaging games to enrich the students' education. This necessitated the creation of an environment that included the collective purchase of whiteboards for all classes, arranging furniture, maintaining the headmaster's office, and actively engaging parents through phone calls and door-to-door visits to boost the attendance of the students for active learning.

A bright future is for those who want to go ahead.

Our unwavering dedication to education and innovative approach to transforming the educational environment have not only transformed my school but also garnered recognition at the Taluka and district levels from higher authorities. This reminds us that with vision, perseverance, and a supportive community, we can revolutionise education for the betterment of our students and society as a whole.

Let us all strive to be agents of positive change in the realm of education.


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