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Success is a Journey, it is not a Destination!!

Success is a Journey, it is not a Destination!!

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As a teacher, I always evaluated my success by the growth I saw in my students. This is the great thing about being a teacher.

It may sound cliche, but for me success is a journey and not a destination, as an eminent author Ben Sweet lands has reasoned.

This journey has been going on for past several years, and is still on going. After Graduating in Economics, what next was the question mark before me. Prior to taking up my first role as an Office Assistant, I apprised myself of what I ought to look for in the job. The quest for learning landed me in NGO/Social Sector, where I Achieved lot's of Milestones within 6 years. From an Office Assistant to a Project Manager, is a Success and a Journey too. And then my life took a turn to achieve a new Milestone of Success.

Yes, I become a Teacher!

You know, Success is: Once a student become a Teacher in the Same School. Yes, I am Appointed as a Teacher in GBPS Chhano Shahabad Campus, Dadu where I took my early Education. It was a Proud moment. The day of joining, meeting with my own teachers was an amazing feeling. Once a Social Sector's employee Now a Teacher.

I had a clear Vision;

And it was to facilitate my School students, because Learning is a long term process and without Basic facilities no one will be able to learn properly.

So I decided to target my first milestone; It was to Install a SOLAR PROJECT in my School.

As we know, Dadu is in the list of the Hottest districts in Pakistan. So I decided to achieve my first milestone!, for this I started FUND RAISING Campaign. It took time but finally by the help of Allah, Dream come True. I installed SOLAR SYSTEM (7 plates & 14 DC Fans in 7 Classrooms).

During my 11 months journey, I’ve been entrusted to be a Lead coordinator of various extra-curricular activities like ECE class activities, organizing Quiz, arranging farewell events and many more to EMPOWER Students.I mostly Try not to miss any chance to organize extra curricular Activities, in this the support of my Respected Head Master Mr. Izhar Hussain Memon and collaboration of my teachers is a fortune.

Events/Activities Organized are:

International Mother Language Day 21 Feb

World Water Day 22 March

Pakistan Day Celebration 23 March

Pakistan Independence Day Celebration 14 August

International Literacy Day Celebration 8 September

World Teachers' Day Celebration 5 October

Global Hand wash Day and Kashmir BLACK Day.

My job as a teacher offered me new ways of teaching and learning experiences, exposure to outside world and enhanced my creativity. It has provided me a kind of satisfaction and happiness which I had always contemplated. This esteemed institution has bestowed upon me responsibilities to shoulder and groomed me as a leader too. I firmly believe that I am fortunate to get a right platform at the right time to chisel my skills and fulfill my dreams and aspirations. I celebrate my success when I see the positive impact I leave on my students. I believe that, people who have found their purpose in life are happier and live longer and I have Found it.

Success without difficulties, problems and hurdles is INCOMPLETE;

And then here a LEGAL NOTICE issued against me by a Lawyer on Distribution of text Books! I was not wrong so I was not afraid, I faced it and I won.

I will always be thankful of my people, the people of sindh who supported me on ground and on social media platforms at the end same lawyer came back and apologized. In It was viral on social media in the month of September 2023.

Yes This is me, Junaid Ali Shaikh from GBPS Chhano Shahabad Campus Dadu. Semis Code: 402010461, and I am working on slogan "Parahandi Sindh, ta Wadhandi Sindh"

In Last, I must say Thank you STEDA for taking extra measures for encouraging me and other teachers to write our own story!


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