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My Journey from a Traditional classroom to a 21st century classroom

My Journey from a Traditional classroom to a 21st century classroom

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"My Journey From a Traditional Classroom to a 21st-century Classroom:

'In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.' - Phillip Collins

I am Sahar Momal Memon, an early childhood teacher at GBELSS(PHQ) Dadu. In 2018, after completing a Masters in Chemistry from UOS Jamshoro, I worked at GECE(W) Dadu as an honorable teacher for 11 months.

On November 16, 2019, I began my journey towards GBELSS(PHQ) Dadu. It was my first day there, and as I saw my heritage classroom, I realized it needed certain improvements for students to learn interactively and creatively. I knew it would be challenging, and making it an ideal classroom became my prime responsibility.

In February 2020, I became a prestigious participant in a 5-day training session arranged by Agha Khan University and UNICEF. A few months later, I received two kits from them, comprising teaching and learning materials that greatly helped me make my students' learning feasible.

Our school's respected HM, Sir Sayd Sadaf Ali Shah, took significant efforts to rebuild the school building, and finally, we got our school rebuilt. Inspired by this, I decided to decorate my newly constructed classroom, and after lots of efforts, seeing my beautiful 21st-century classroom was a proud moment for me.

Before the appointment of ECTs, traditional teaching methods were likely used, even at the ECT/pre schooling level. When appointed as an ECT, I decided to employ creative teaching methods to motivate my students. I taught according to the ECE syllabus, used interactive learning videos, poems, and various engaging activities that not only enhanced my students' knowledge but also motivated them to learn. Additionally, I managed to complete the syllabus while effectively managing time.

As a teacher, it's also my prime responsibility to excel in extracurricular activities. My school staff and I organized a significant program at our school at the district level in 2022 to announce results and appreciate our young students. I hosted and planned the entire function, receiving much appreciation from all district education officers and my school HM. It was an unforgettable moment in my life.

I am continually working to enhance my teaching methods so that my students can learn better. I've observed significant improvements in them through various assessments. Additionally, I want to highlight that every teacher must work within an ethical framework for student motivation.

Lastly, I want to send a message to every teacher to be passionate and devoted to their duties. I am very thankful to STEDA for encouraging me to share my four-year journey with all of you."


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