• During lock down & the month of Ramadhan, Use your time productively to develop your teaching skills and get certified by the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE), Pakistan.
    School Education & Literacy Department (SELD) Sindh signed MoU with ABCTE, Pakistan to further facilitate online teacher development across the province.
    Your timely decision and actions can be immensely beneficial.
    Join the free online Teachers’ Certification Skills Development Program in Professional Teaching Knowledge (PTK), Biology Premium, Biology Standard, Chemistry Standard, Elementary Education Standard, English Premium, English Standard, Mathematics Premium, Mathematics Standard, Physics Standard, Special Education and School Leadership Certification
    Each course provides details on Study Plan, Standards, Study Materials, Practice Exams and Quizzes, Results with Transcript/Certificate

    Following are the benefits
    1. You attain an internationally recognized teacher certification;
    2. If you ever decide to go and work in China, Middle East, Europe or North America you would be qualified to get teaching jobs;
    3. Once you are certified you can apply to virtual tutoring firms which pay around $10 per hour. This can be done from anywhere with a computer and internet connection;
    4. This will help in improving teacher quality in Pakistan so you are doing service to your nation by becoming a highly qualified teacher;
    5. This course costs more than 300,000 Rupees for everyone else. Only for Government teachers in Pakistan, it’s free for one year.

    You will learn:
    How to properly navigate the course materials to best learn the information necessary to pass the test?
    How to study to maximize your learning and minimize your time spent, along with additional skills for the classroom to help beyond the scope of the exam.

    STEP 1: Please MAKE SURE to use the link below to register and start your American Board teachers training program today.

    STEP 2: Once you have registered, ALWAYS use the link below to login, you are able to start your course right away; it’s free of cost. Our regular cost for the program is $2,000 but due to our collaboration with NAVTTC we have waived that fee for applicants who have applied through this program.

    Note: When you first login the system will ask you to select the subject of your choice. Each candidate must study Professional Teacher Knowledge (PTK) course and one more subject of their choice

    Please see below more details and useful links: –
    How to register and start your course:

    Brief program overview:

    Website overview & how it works:

    Best of luck